Welcome to the Dirac Materials Website

Welcome to the webpages for the group of Prof. A. V. Balatsky at Nordita, Stockholm.

The group works in several areas of theoretical condensed matter physics, with particular interests in materials where quasiparticles can be described by the Dirac equation.

Discoveries of superfluid phases in 3He, high Tc superconductors, graphene and topological insulators have brought into focus materials where quasiparticles are described by same Dirac equation that governs behavior of relativistic particles. This class of materials, called Dirac materials, exhibits unusual universal features seen in numerous realizations: Klein tunneling, chiral symmetries and impurity resonances

Review article
Dirac Materials
T.O. Wehling, A.M. Black-Schaffer, A.V. Balatsky
Advances in Physics, Vol. 63, Iss. 1 (2014)