You can find the profiles of both our current and past members below. These include their academic background, current and future research interests, as well as their contact email and links to various academic profiles (Google Scholar, ORCID, ResearchGate, Academia, etc).

Our members

Alexander V. Balatsky
Professor & Team Leader
Vladimir Juričić
Assistant Professor
Johan Hellsvik
Postdoctoral Researcher

Johan Hellsvik has a background in the field of multiscale modelling of magnetization dynamics on atomistic length scales, multiferroic materials, and ultrafast switching dynamics. Currently his activity is within “The Swedish QuEST for BIFROST and Novel Quantum Materials” collaboration where he performs modeling of magnetic excitations of organometallic materials with a connection to inelastic neutron spectroscopy.

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Matthias Geilufe
Postdoctoral Fellow

Matthias received his PhD from Martin-Luther University Halle Wittenberg (Germany) in 2015. His research is based on the development and application of methods for the theoretical investigation of materials, using a combination of analytic tools, group theory, density functional theory, and materials informatics.

His main interest are topological materials and functional organic materials. Matthias is involved in the development of the Organic Materials Database - OMDB, a free database hosting electronic and magnetic structures of organic molecular crystals and metal organic frameworks.

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Anna Pertsova
Postdoctoral Fellow

Anna has a background in atomistic simulations of time-dependent electron transport and spin dynamics and in ab initio and tight-binding modeling of quantum materials. At present, her research is focused on two main topics: (i) transient many-body effects in driven Dirac materials, and (ii) impurity states in Dirac materials, in particular magnetically doped topological insulators.

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David N. Carvalho
Postdoctoral researcher

David has been interested in understanding novel features in nonlinear light-matter interactions in Dirac materials. Examples of such media include graphene, boron nitride and transition metal dichalcogenides. In order to study such a regime, ultrashort and intense laser fields are needed.

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Pavlo Sukhachov
Postdoctoral Researcher

Pavlo Sukhachov received his PhD at the Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 2016. He did his first postdoc at the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Western University, London, Canada.

Pavlo has a wide scope of interests in theoretical condensed matter physics. His main scientific interests include the study of various properties of novel topological materials, in particular a range of phenomena in Weyl and Dirac semimetals. As examples, manifestations of their unusual nature can be transport phenomena, nontrivial collective excitations, quantum oscillations, interaction effects, topologically protected surface states i.e., the Fermi arcs, strain-induced pseudo-electromagnetic fields, and superconductivity.

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Kirsty Dunnett
Postdoctoral Researcher
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Bart Olsthoorn
PhD Student

Development and application of materials informatics methods such as machine learning models that are capable of capturing structure-property relationships in organic crystal structures. Bart is part of the team developing the Organic Materials Database. Currently also studying impurity effects in Dirac Materials.

Roberto Díaz Pérez
Masters Student / Student Assistant

Currently working on a master’s thesis on topological and Dirac magnons in organic molecules and working in the development of the Organic Materials Database.

Sumanta Bandyopadhyay
Postdoctoral Researcher

Previous members

Petter Säterskog
Postdoctoral Fellow


Habib Rostami
Postdoctoral Researcher

Now: Assistant Professor, Nordita; VR starting grant 2019.

Vanik Shahnazaryan
Postdoctoral Researcher

Now: Postdoc at Michal Matuszewski's group (Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, PL)

Saikat Banerjee
PhD Student

Now: Post-doc, group of Prof. Arno Kampf, University of Ausburg, Germany.

David Abergel
Assistant Professor

Now: Associate Editor, Nature Physics, London.

Christopher Triola
Postdoctoral Fellow

Now: Postdoc, group of Prof. Annica Black-Schaffer, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Sergey Pershoguba
Postdoctoral Fellow

Now: Postdoc, Group of Prof. Leonid Glazman, Yale University, USA.

Stanislav Borysov
Postdoctoral Fellow

Now: Assistant Professor, DTU, Denmark.