Group Meetings

We have an active group meeting program, with meetings at 1500 (CET or CEST as appropriate) most Tuesdays (July and August excepted) in Nordita South (unless otherwise stated).

These are usually informal presentations on current, ongoing or recent work, sometimes with talks from visitors and collaborators.

  • March Meeting practice presentations
  • March Meeting practice presentations
  • No meeting: APS March Meeting, Boston, USA
  • No meeting: APS March Meeting, Boston, USA
  • Talk by Sasha Kyriienko on Simulating lattice gauge theories with quantum computers
    • Abstract: In the talk I will discuss our latest results on quantum simulation of U(1) lattice gauge theory (LGT) in 1+1D. In particular, I’ll describe new encodings for LGT with qubits and qudits, which automatically satisfy Gauss’ law. The minimal models will be considered, which are shown to be exactly solvable in the strong coupling limit. Finally, the concrete simulator based on Rydberg atoms will be proposed for the first non-trivial LGT case.
  • TBA
  • No group meeting
  • No group meeting
  • Presentation by Johan Hellsvik: Brief update on where we stand with magnon excitation data for the OMDB, workshop reporting (Lund and in Oxford).
  • The NORDITA Welcome Reception, a little get-together to welcome newcomers, will take place at 15.30 in the East building.
  • Presentation by Roberto Díaz Pérez: Classification of magnetic materials in the OMDB using machine learning. Dealing with unbalanced data.

Past Group Meetings:

You can find information on past group meetings here.