NORDITA – KTH Applied Physics Meeting 2019

This meeting is intended as a platform of discussion to set up collaborations on KAW (The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation) and future projects. 

Where: NORDITA South (Albanova campus) 11 Roslagstullsbacken,
When: 25th October, 10am

The event arrangement is informal. However, a tentative schedule is put forward:


The event will comprise of introductory talks on the theory and experimental side, intended to last fifteen minutes and open to the floor for discussion for another fifteen minutes, followed by lunch and discussion about overlap and potential collaborations.

On the theory side

The Dirac Materials group will ensure the main core skills of our expertise are showcased to the experimental participants or other theoretically-minded participants.

  • Habib Rostami / Pavlo Sukhachov – Optics and strain effects in TMDs.
  • David Carvalho – Light-Matter Interactions in Dirac Materials
  • Bart Olsthoorn – Machine Learning in Material Informatics and Spectroscopy
  • 12.30 – Lunch

On the experimental side

  • Jonas Weissenrieder:  Ultrafast electron microscopy applied to optical excitation in TMD and magnetization dynamics
  • Collaboration and overlap discussions. (flexible timing)